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Linus Lundevall, Martin Stenke, Michael Jäderlind, Jonas Hyse and Jerker Hörstedt

NOVA Acquires Martech agency when taking the next step in the Swedish market

The Norwegian company, NOVA, continues its ambition to build an integrated digital agency group in Sweden by acquiring the martech agency Infunnel.

The Norwegian company, NOVA, continues its ambition to build an integrated digital agency group in Sweden by acquiring the martech agency Infunnel. The new company will play an important role in the ecosystem of digital services, which NOVA offers to companies in Sweden. Additionally, NOVA is planning further acquisitions and new establishments, in order to position the company as a leader of digital transformation, e-commerce, and development of future brands in the Swedish market.

To lead the expansion in the Swedish market, NOVA has appointed Michael Jäderlind, founder of the successful digital marketing agency, Nansen. NOVA is backed by the Norwegian venture capital company, Explore Equity.

Commenting on the acquisition, Michael Jäderlind, CEO, NOVA Sweden, says:

Infunnel is one of the most exiting companies in the Swedish martech industry. The company’s cutting-edge expertise in marketing automation and CRM, in combination with the SEO and SEM specialists at Pineberry, plays an important role of the ecosystem of digital services we are developing.

Michael Jäderlind, CEO, NOVA Sweden

All employees can become partners

NOVA’s acquisition of the majority stake presents an opportunity for Infunnel’s employees to become partners in the company. Previous principal owners will continue in their respective roles within the company, as well as remaining as partners. The new opportunity to become a partner in the company is offered to employees in all of NOVA’s agencies and is an important part of NOVA’s ambition to become the world’s best place to work. Commenting on the merger with NOVA, Jerker Hörstedt, founding partner of Infunnel, says:

By becoming a part of NOVA, we now can benefit from entire organization’s growth journey, in which, Infunnel also will play an important role in creating a leading agency group within e-commerce and digital transformation. Further, it means we have the ability to grow the company faster than anticipated, and at the same time we can still deliver high quality.”

Jerker Hörstedt, founding partner of Infunnel

The customer journey of the future

Infunnel is one of Sweden’s leading agencies within marketing automation, CRM, digital leads, and digitization of the customer journey. The company serves both business-to-business clients and business-to-consumer clients with a focus on durable goods. Customers include Mercedes, Axis, Dustin, and Tetra Pak.

Further commenting on the merger with NOVA, Martin Stenke, founding partner of Infunnel, says:

We are now entering a larger context of agencies where our services will become a natural part of the digital ecosystem that NOVA is building. Together, we are creating the digital communication solutions for the future. It is not only development for us, but also for our employees, and for our customers.”

Martin Stenke, founding partner of Infunnel

Strategic start in Sweden

The Swedish NOVA organization today includes the SEO and SEM specialists Pineberry and the Optimizely/Episerver-focused company Epinova, specializing in web- and e-commerce solutions, together with a digital customer experience. Commenting more broadly on the company’s growth, Geir Allan Hove, CEO and founder of Nova Consulting Group, says:

“We continue our expansion on the Swedish market by incorporating the third company into our Swedish group of digital, specialist agencies. Together, they form the base of our ambition to build a leading organization, with digital expert agencies that deliver services within the whole digital ecosystem.

Geir Allan Hove, CEO and founder of Nova Consulting Group

Leading in Norway

Michael Jäderlind, CEO and Country Manager for NOVA’s operations in Sweden, has successfully founded the full-service, digital agency, Nansen, thereafter, sold in 2016. Further, he founded Odyssey, a successful insight- and data-driven marketing agency.

Nova Consulting Group is today one of Norway’s most successful digital service companies assisting some of Norway’s largest brands with strategic advice, user experience, design, digital service development, and cloud services. For the past seven years, NOVA has had stable, and profitable annual growth of more than 20 per cent. The Group’s sales during the financial year 2020 reached approximately NOK 370 million, with operating revenues of ca. NOK 55 million.

About Nova Consulting Group Sweden

Nova Consulting Group in Sweden is an integrated agency group creating digital services and communication solutions building and strengthening brands throughout the Nordic market. The operations include strategic services within the whole digital ecosystem, such as digital transformation, e-commerce, and innovation. The Swedish organization is a part of the Nova Consulting Group in Norway, consisting of seven specialized companies offering complete digital services. They assist some of Norway’s largest brands, ranging from strategy and design, to implementation of digital services and solutions.

Further information, please contact: Michael Jäderlind, CEO of NOVA, Sweden Telephone No: +46 70 849 21 19, e-mail: michael.jaderlind@novacg.s