Lukasz Ciesielski, Country Manager for Nova Consulting Group in Poland

Nova Consulting Group establishes foothold in Poland

Nova Consulting Group (NOVA) has appointed Lukasz Ciesielski to lead the establishment of NOVA Poland. Ciesielski has extensive experience in working with Scandinavian companies.

The new foothold in Poland aims to ensure that the NOVA group is better suited to meet the growing demand from customers in a market where access to qualified expertise is a challenge.

“To establish ourselves in Poland has been on the books for a long time. It is a strategic move aimed at ensuring that we have access to expertise for a Nordic market which has an increasing need for experienced specialists. There is no indication that the shortage of qualified talent required to meet society's needs for digitization will diminish in the foreseeable future. That is why we have taken the opportunity to establish ourselves outside the Nordic region,” says NOVA CEO Geir Allan Hove.

Geir Allan Hove, CEO of Nova Consulting Group

The Polish consulting industry has a good supply of solid expertise and a long tradition of collaborating with and delivering to the Scandinavian market. The establishment of NOVA Poland will ensure that NOVA can scale faster through gaining access to expertise without reducing the company's ambitions to maintain the high quality of the services provided by the experts working in the subsidiaries. This is an important step to boost NOVA's role as a strategic partner for its customers.

The employees in Poland will operate as an extension of the 14 companies in the NOVA organization and will be integrated into composite delivery teams. In total, NOVA Poland expects to have 40 to 50 consultants available by the end of the year.

Lukasz Ciesielski has a large network and expects to be able to build up NOVA Poland with experienced talent relatively quickly.

“Scandinavia and Scandinavian companies have a good reputation in Poland. We like the Scandinavian work culture and experience it as more humane and equal and less hierarchical compared to many international technology companies. I have extensive experience in assisting companies, especially Scandinavian ones, to grow through building successful extensions of their organizations in Poland. I also know what is required to lead and motivate employees who work in integrated teams that deliver across national borders,” says Lukasz Ciesielski, Country Manager for Nova Consulting Group in Poland.

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Geir Allan Hove, CEO, Nova Consulting Group,

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Lukasz Ciesielski, Country Manager, Nova Consulting Group Poland

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