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Optimera recently relaunched the future e-commerce solution "MinOptimera" for the B2B market along with Monté for the private market.

With its 200 outlets and 2000 employees distributed throughout Norway, Optimera is Norway's largest player in sales and distribution of building materials, lumber, and interior products. Montér is a part of Optimera and has 138 stores filled with building materials for the DIY market, builders, and craftsmen.


Many talk about the significance of increased digitization in the construction industry, and NOVA's assignment was a response to provide innovative functionality that was well-suited to Optimeras clients. With an outdated digital structure, Optimera spent a lot of time on troubleshooting and less time on launching new features to their customers. The e-commerce platforms needed to be moved to the cloud, where the most important aspect of the initiative was to maintain their position as Norway's leading competence provider, as well as improving the customer's online shopping experience in the B2B and B2C markets.


The solutions was built from scratch with a cloud-based system architecture in Azure. Through customer surveys, in-depth interviews, and analyses of usage patterns, both and MinOptimera have been relaunched to meet the customers' own needs and value chain from beginning to end. MinOptimera is now tailored to provide craftsmen with an easier workday. They gain full control over projects, and it's easier than ever to order goods, price jobs, and create offers. User experience has been a central aspect throughout the development process for both e-commerce solutions. In addition to the e-commerce solutions, NOVA has also built a new intranet for Optimera.


It's been a success story from start to finish. has seen an increase of 269%, and MinOptimera has had an increase of 69%

IT Manager Marianne Angel Olsen at Optimera.

"It's been a success story from start to finish. has seen an increase of 269%, and MinOptimera has had an increase of 69%", says IT Manager Marianne Angel Olsen at Optimera.

We can finally focus our energy towards delivering new features in line with business and customer needs. In the old solution, we used all our time and energy on troubleshooting.

"Weekly, the platform was down, leading to inventory status not being synchronized, and the hotline was frequently used. Since the new e-commerce solutions were launched, the line has hardly been used, and the problem is non-existent," Marianne continues.

Now, the focus is primarily on management, where NOVA has a team consisting of experts from both Epinova and Novacare, continuously rolling out new features.

The cloud-based system architecture also simplifies further development according to customer needs in the future. The solution noe allows technical components to be reused across the two e-commerce solutions.

In addition to digitization, environmental services are key focus areas for Optimera. The company works on reducing both customer and its own environmental footprint.

We thank Optimera for allowing us to be part of the journey and look forward to the continued collaboration.

The project has been carried out by NOVA and our subsidiaries Epinova, Northern Beat, Novanet, Point Taken, and Novacare.

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