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Modern Work

Supercharge your workforce!

The Challenge

Organizations lacking in modern technological adoption face reduction in productivity and efficiency, often characterized by outdated systems, fragmented data, and a disengaged workforce. Poorly managed it can turn diminished efficiency and competitive disadvantage in an increasingly digital market landscape.

Our response

Our approach empowers your workforce with cutting-edge technology integration, streamlining their systems through AI optimization and tailored application solutions. We help you create a unified data environment and offer targeted training to elevate work efficiency and sharpen your competitive edge.

What we do

Incorporating AI, we merge cutting-edge tech with insights into user needs to develop digital tools that enhance collaboration and efficiency. Our AI-driven solutions are customized to fit your organization's specific needs, facilitating a seamless transition to a smarter, more productive work environment.

Strategic deliveries

Copilot Readiness Assessment

Our Readiness Assessment evaluates your current systems, and workforce maturity and helps you formulate a strategy to harness Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot for improved performance, governance and data management.

Collaboration Strategy

We help you formulate a collaboration strategy to streamline team interactions and drive efficiency in your organization.

Copilot Implementation and Training

This service seamlessly integrates the Copilot platform into your business operations. We don't just set it up; we guide your team through hands-on training sessions, ensuring they become confident and proficient in harnessing Copilot's full potential.

Training and Change Management

We help you implement tailored workshops and training sessions to accelerate adoption and maximize the ROI from Office 365 tools and Co-pilot coupled with strategies to manage change within your organization.

Cloud and Office 365 Migration Assessment

We help you design and implement a holistic collaboration framework that integrates cutting-edge communication tools and platforms, ensuring seamless teamwork across business areas and functions.

How we create impact

• Copilot optimization and implementation
• Employee experience implementation
• Compliance and security implementation
• Business Process Design & Automation

• Licence Utilization
• Data Analysis and visualization
• Information Governance and management services

Principal Advisors

Kjetil Ødegården

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Hans Christian Abel

Microsoft Cloud Solution Advisor
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Anne Ness

Senior Advisor
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Thomas Sandsør

Head of Dynamics 365 & Power Platform
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