Design-driven Innovation

Design-driven Innovation

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The Challenge

In today's fast-paced business world, companies face the constant challenge of staying relevant and competitive. Traditional approaches often fall short in meeting evolving customer expectations and market demands. Keeping up with technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences can be daunting, leading to missed opportunities and loss of market share.

Our response

Our innovation services empower your organization to thrive in this dynamic environment. By implementing human-centered design thinking, we help you identify untapped opportunities, create customer-centric solutions, and foster a culture of continuous innovation. Our approach enables you to adapt, differentiate, and lead in an ever-changing marketplace.

What we do

Design-driven innovation requires brands to navigate a world of increasingly intricate ecosystems. Clear distinctions between digital and physical, external audiences and internal stakeholders, or even strategy and execution have blurred. Our approach embraces this interconnected reality, recognizing that successful innovation requires a holistic understanding of these dynamics when collaborating with our clients.

Strategic deliveries

Customer-centric Product Design

We help you to gain a deep understanding of your target audience, including their pain points and aspirations. We then leverage design-thinking principles to ideate, prototype, and develop products that meet their needs. The result is market-leading solutions that delight customers and drive growth.

Innovation Sprint

Innovation Sprint is a dynamic and intensive approach to creativity, problem-solving, and rapid idea generation. In a compressed timeframe, it allows you to quickly address specific challenges, accelerate innovation, and produce tangible results.

Design-driven Strategy Workshops

We bring together cross-functional teams to explore new opportunities, brainstorm innovative solutions, and develop actionable strategies. By infusing your strategic planning with design principles, we enable your organization to chart a path to sustainable growth.

Innovation Ecosystem Development

We help you build innovation ecosystems by training and empowering your teams to think creatively, collaborate effectively, and embrace experimentation. This fosters a culture of innovation, enhancing your ability to generate and execute innovative ideas consistently.

How we create impact

• Design-thinking Workshops
• Innovation Metrics and OKRs
• Innovation Roadmapping

Principal Advisors

Ørjan Claussen

Northern Beat

Camilla Sundberg

Creative Director
Cloud Nine

Kalle Paulsson

Product Strategist, UX designer

Nina C. Farmen

Senior Advisor Service Design

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