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Data driven business

Turn data into action!

The Challenge

Many companies struggle with transitioning to a data-driven approach. Frequently, data is siloed and detached from cross-departmental processes, turning it into a stagnant asset instead of a dynamic force. This fragmented data environment obscures crucial insights, making it challenging to personalize content, create effective marketing strategies, and enhance sales. Consequently, much of the data's potential goes untapped, resulting in lost opportunities.

Our response

Our Data-Driven Business service is the bridge between raw data and actionable strategy. We help you transform data silos into integrated knowledge hubs, allowing you to craft personalized content, design high-impact marketing campaigns, and boost sales. By partnering with us, you not only become data-driven but also insight-rich, ensuring every decision is backed by solid, data-derived intelligence.

What we do

We harness the potential of data to empower your business, providing solutions that transform raw information into actionable insights. We collaborate closely with your organization, employing advanced analytics and innovative tools to enable informed decision-making. Our Data-Driven Business service helps your workforce to gain clarity and make sound decisions

Strategic deliveries

Data Strategy

We help you align your data initiatives with your strategic objectives while harnessing the full potential of AI. We assist you in developing a roadmap that addresses business goals, data governance, security, and ethics while integrating AI into your data strategy.

Training and Education

We help your organization learn how to use data and tools to generate insights and solutions that address business challenges.

Data Architecture and Platform

Design a target architecture aligned with your data strategy. Our team will work with you in defining data models, AI and cloud solutions that enable data availability across your organization.

Data Governance and Security

We help you manage and secure data, reports, dashboards, and Power BI users.

Data Availability and Quality Assessment

We help you provide access to relevant and reliable data and analytics to all levels of your organization, enabling informed decision-making.

Low-code reporting solutions

We help you develop and deploy reports that use graphical interfaces and require minimal coding.

How we create impact

• Custom Analytics Development
• Data Quality Management
• Data Privacy Compliance

• Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
• Data-Driven Culture Transformation
• Self-Service BI Enablement

Principal Advisors

Martin Størkson

Senior Advisor

Thomas Stølhaug

Senior Consultant Data & AI
Point Taken

Martin Stenke

MA & CRM Advisor

Torstein Torblå

Senior Advisor Insights & Data