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Capture value where it matters most!

The Challenge

In today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving market, it’s all too easy to become short-sighted, chasing after the latest technology trends and losing track of what truly matters – customers and what they value. A lack of understanding of your customers and their requirements can result in poor user experiences and misaligned products. However, businesses that prioritize customer intelligence can greatly enhance satisfaction and loyalty, securing a competitive edge in the market.

Our response

We help you aim at more stable targets and capture value where it matters most. Our Customer Insights services enhance your understanding of customer aspirations and needs. Using established frameworks and tools, we extract key insights that give you a radically new and improved understanding of your customers. This transforms your business into a customer-oriented entity focused on improving user experiences. 

What we do

Despite ever-evolving technology and user expectations, fundamental human needs remain constant. Drawing on deep insights and grounded in leading practices, our services are dedicated to truly understanding and fulfilling your customers’ core desires and values.

Strategic deliveries

Customer Research and Analysis

Our Customer Research and Analysis service dives deep into your audience's needs, preferences, and behaviors, in order to drive informed decisions. It will help you reveal unparalleled insights and hidden opportunities.

Cross-functional Alignment

We help you get your whole team onboard and create total alignment on what your customers truly value. Through design and visual storytelling, we ensure that all your stakeholders share the same picture.

Customer Segmentation

To drive targeting and innovation with a high level of precision, our customer segmentation process uses the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework (JTBD), a hallmark of leading brands.

Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping involves analyzing and visualizing your end-to-end customer experiences to identify pain points, opportunities, and moments of engagement. This helps you optimize touchpoints and enhance customer satisfaction.

Behavioral Analysis

By analyzing your customers’ behaviors, such as browsing patterns and purchase history, we reveal insights into their preferences and buying habits.

How we create impact

• Brand Positioning
• Growth Opportunity Scoring
• Marketing Campaigns
• Data Visualization

• Customer Data Platform
• Customer Journey Design
• Conversion Rate Optimization

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Principal Advisors

Tobias Brandt

Head of Strategy
Singular Studios

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Chief Analyst
NOVA Poland

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Digital Strategist
Cloud Nine

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Head of Advertising