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AI & Automation

Unleash the power of AI!

The Challenge

Navigating the complexities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) poses significant challenges for businesses. From determining its relevance in specific sectors to grappling with integration issues and workforce training, the road to AI adoption is fraught with obstacles. Furthermore, the vast array of available AI solutions often leaves companies overwhelmed and uncertain about the right choices.

Our response

Our AI and Automation service program is designed to demystify this journey. It provides tailored AI solutions that align with your business goals, coupled with comprehensive integration support and training. We guide you through the AI maze, ensuring that you can harness its power effectively and reap tangible benefits. Let us help you transform your operations and leverage the true potential of AI.

What we do

We adopt a hands-on, collaborative approach to deliver our strategic AI services. Our team of experts engages closely with your organization, ensuring a deep understanding of your unique needs. We guide you through every step of the AI journey, from in-depth evaluations to personalized training, ensuring that you harness its full potential for optimal business transformation.

Strategic deliveries

AI Readiness Assessment

We evaluate your current infrastructure, processes, and data capabilities to determine your level of preparedness for AI integration, identifying gaps and providing actionable recommendations.

AI Technology Assessment

We help you select the optimal AI tools and platforms, ensuring alignment with specific use-cases, budgetary considerations, and long-term objectives.

Use Case Identification

We help you pinpoint specific business areas where AI can provide transformative benefits, ensuring that your efforts focus on high-impact opportunities for growth and efficiency.

AI Upskilling and Training

Through tailored training sessions and workshops, we help to equip your teams with the knowledge and skills essential for AI adoption, ensuring effective and sustained use of AI solutions.

How we create impact

• AI Implementation
• Integration and Data Architecture
• Continuous Learning and Optimization
• AI Model Development
• ROI and Performance Monitoring

Principal Advisors

Øyvind B. Sandaker

Tech Lead

Arild Henrichsen

Senior Advisor

Thomas Stølhaug

Senior Consultant Data & AI
Point Taken

Sigve Fast

Senior Developer